Dear Doctors,

Thank you for responding to my email inviting you to join me on my FREE P.I. webinar series. But there’s more to it….

Make sure you scroll down and read about Dr. Alan German highlighted in yellow. Especially if you hate being asked to cut your fess and you want to put an end to that.

This is what one of his attorney’s sent to us today:

just using the basic sample template of the Zeus Demand I was given by 1 of your doctors, I was able to use that information to add to my demands and I was able to get policy limits on all 5 cases. I am excited to add this new information to all of our cases” – Katherine T. Esq.

There are things about the game of P.I. we all love and things we all loathe but, while I can’t change the rules of the game, I can change the way I play it. I show you how I change the way the game is played to my favor on my free webinar.

While it is paramount, it’s not all about making more money and saving time – it’s also about increasing my overall respect, visibility and momentum within the medical-legal community.

Seeing is believing so I show you and you can register
to attend for FREE at:


I love sharing my 40+ years of experience with you. The way I play this game, it is more difficult not to make an extra 30, 50, 70 thousand a month than it is to make that. I will SHOW you.

… that way you can be the judge. You can rip me or embrace something new and do what some of your peers are doing and make 30, 50, 70 thousand dollars a month more in P.I. and save 50% of your time and if you can’t do that on your own right now, then tune in. Its FREE and I will show you. SHOW you! Just remember, I am not the enemy and I am not selling you anything on these webinars. The enemy is the insurance company, the adjuster, the IME, some attorneys, your competition and sometimes you. But it isn’t me. I will show you what can be done to surpass the enemies.

You may ask – will this information work for me?

The better questions is when you learn how you can increase your market share of personal injury business in your demographic and that increase can be between 30K to 70K/Mo., will you apply what you learn?

I will tell you this: P.I. is no longer about collision and compression coefficients so if you still think old school about G-Forces – you won’t get the 30K to 70K I am going to show you how to get. You should tune in just to find out what you are not doing to get that extra available income and whether you can do it and if it aligns with your business development model. Perhaps you would like to add to your P.I. business development model and welcome ideas?

Listen, I’m not speaking from anything but real-world experience. No lawyer or adjuster or IME is going to dispute my findings because I establish the preponderance of evidence and add valuation to the claim by using “Decision Points”, “Case Maximizers”, “Prolonged Modifiers” and “Value Drivers”. Just read what Dr. Alan German accomplished below in yellow. He is a brand-new user of this material. Just getting started.

If you don’t know what the above fatcors are, tune in.

No other medical or chiropractic provider is doing 1191M. They are stuck on 99204. if you don’t know what 1191M is, tune in.

If you don’t have a P.I. business development plan, tune in as I reveal our Five Phase P.I. Business Model that is working so well, it will become a franchise system in 2 years. According to my Business Development Model. If you learn this now and apply it, you will want to join the franchise when I roll it out. But right now, this information and webinar are FREE.

This will be the first chiropractic P.I. franchise system that all will be able to follow and duplicate and experience tremendous gains in income and savings in time. Attorneys will seek my franchise doctors over all other disciplines within thier respective communities. That will occur in 2 years -right now, I’m giving this information away for FREE. Consider yourself a charter member.

I love Chiropractors and I love being a chiropractor. I loathe attorneys who don’t respect us and who attempt to cut our fees and you will rip me when I tell you that they cut your fees because you don’t have a system in place to establish the preponderance of your evidence or prevent adjusters, insurers and IME’s from disputing your claim factors. It’s actually your fault that you are vulnerable…well not all your fault -you just haven’t been given any effective methods to prevent them from disputing you.

If the attorney gets a low-ball offer, he should cut your fees because you didn’t enhance the claim value. Can you handle hearing that truth? Want to tell me off? Do it on the webinar AFTER you hear what i say.

If you are asked to cut your fee-read this:

Dr. Alan German just started using this information and:

He provided his attorney with the following (which we supply);

  • Statements of Undisputed Facts
  • Memorandum of Points
  • Declarations
  • Authorities
  • Exhibits

and in the first 5 demands so far, the attorney received 100% of the asking demand value.

There is no reason for that attorney to cut Dr. Alan’s fees. This is just part of what you will learn and its free.

I promise you that no matter what level your P.I. practice is at, you will learn and become better and that is what life and business are about. You don’t soar with the Eagles while hanging out with the Turkeys. I’m not being politically correct here just saying that you should hitch your cart to those who have done what you want to do, who have gone where you want to go and who have been where you want to arrive. They should have answers, solutions, programs to drive plans and have proof of evidence of the steps working along the way. No one has attained all they can up to this point. There is more and that’s what i want for you. More. So, join me for more.

Learn from them and duplicate their successful actions. That’s what I’m saying. Then you can mentor someone when the occasion arises or sell your business as an enterprise and turn over this material and program over.

I truly hope you tune in Thursday at 6:30 PM, EST. Just reschedule one hour for yourself. You can do that.

Click here to register for FREE:


Look forward to meeting with you.

Dr. Frank Liberti
Cell: 727-520-3961
PS: The more you know about P.I., the more you will benefit.
PPS: The more novice chiropractors will find some of this material challenging.
Dr. Frank Liberti shows how not to lose 30K a month in P.I.

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