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Art of Bakery


A little known fact is that there are about 50 million Americans with no credit score at all. And even though the banks won’t do much for you (and will not give you a mortgage) that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Having no credit score can be a real problem to most lenders, but with hard money loans, it isn’t a barrier at all. In fact, we look at it as a positive because it usually means you don’t have any debts.

Not only can we help with mortgages for those with no credit, we can also give expert advice on how build your credit (or rebuild your credit) so that you can qualify for the best loans available in the future.

Whether you inherited a property that needs repairs, are buying a property to fix or you are dealing with a property that the banks would call “unusual”, hard money could be the solution.

So if you're not familiar with mediation, what I do as a mediator is I am an attorney, but I don't act as an attorney I act as neutral facilitator. So it's my job to basically assist you and your spouse in discussing the issues related to your separation and divorce. And then to the extent you haven't already figured out what you want to do, then I try to help you figure that out. Then once we have a game plan, then it's my job as the mediator to put that in writing. So I would do all the contracts and then I would also do the court documents. Everything both of you need to find to file an uncontested divorce. Now, some people need just a marital settlement agreement, which covers just the financial aspects of your divorce and some people need a parenting plan because they have minor children.

Properties that need repairs scare the banks and they won’t finance them, no matter how good your credit is. If they don’t like the property, they can’t lend on it.

This extends to properties that are different from the “normal” ones they will lend on. These can include dome homes even if they are in great condition, manufactured homes that are too old and any type of home that the banks don’t like. In many cases, even properties with too much land are a problem to get financed.

These are all situations that can be helped through hard money.

chef Amado Gabe

Unique bakery creations for unique occasions.

Perfect Pancakes


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Reuben Sandwich

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Full Breakfast

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Toast & Jam

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Your Morning Escape With Flair

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