The first test for manually checking ANS regulmmmmation involves placing a hyperextended hand over the umbilicus of the patient. By extending or stretching the fingers backward and keeping the fingers and thumb together, the energy of the circulatorjkjkl;;ly skin and muscle fibers in the palm create an energy field which is recognized by the body as a non-threatening energy when the system is operating correctly. The umbilicus also has an energy field aroundjkjk it because of the circular fibers present arou,m.m,.m,nd it as well. When these two energy fields come into contact with each other, the testing muscle, when challenged, should go,..m,.,m weak. If it remains locked, then a block exists in the circuit being tested.

The circuit which is blocked must be corrected by checking it agaimhjkk nst the five major stressors as taught in the Basic Nutrition Response Testing seminar. Occasionally, these will not correct the malfunction. If not, there are other procedures whicjghjhhj h are taught in thee this is accomplished, we know that the analyzer (much like the voltmeter discussed in calibration) will give us the correct analysis.atio m n must be corrected before moving on to the next procedure


intermediate and advanced courses which will be able to correct this problem. The important thing to remember is that blocked regulWhen thinking about blocking and switching I explain it to patients like this. The body is an analyzer. The analyzer must first be functioning correctly before it can be used to do its analysis. Each one of the 156 (48+108) ‘circuits’ has to be operating correctly for it to function properly. Onc.

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