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Many people are aware of how vital video has become as a promotional tool, and many know that YouTube can be a powerful way to get people to do what you'd like them to do, whether it be going to your website, signing up to your email list, or buying your products or services.

But what most people are missing is the key information on exactly how to get their YouTube channels and videos to do that.

Many companies just guess as to which videos they should be creating, without really researching the marketplace to find out exactly which videos are needed, and which will actually be responded to by their potential clients. And so their videos just sit there with minimal views and with minimal subscribers to the channel, and all that work and expense gets wasted.


The key steps to solve this are:

1. Find out exactly what people are searching for on YouTube, and the exact words they are using

2. Create your videos in very specific ways to get views and engagement, and to be found in searches

3. Optimize your channel to help raise it in the YouTube search rankings

4. Publish your videos using the exact best practices that YouTube looks for - this includes when and exactly how to publish them for maximum effect

5. Promoting your videos in very precise ways and at very precise times.


Our clients have found our one-on-one step-by-step personalized consulting to be extremely valuable in simplifying the whole process and in getting them going towards unleashing the power of YouTube to grow their businesses.

Using Zoom screenshare we walk you through every step of optimizing your YouTube channel, installing and setting up the key free tools, helping kickstart the YouTube keyword research for your business, and optimizing your videos, as well showing how to publish and promote them. And we record it all for you so you can re-watch it anytime.

You can see a screen shot from one of the sessions below:

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